A Starbuck’s World

September 24, 2008 rikkijean

Hmm. I will admit that it’s the little things in this world, that make me go Hmm.

This morning, I woke up extra early and took a friend to work at 4:30a, crawled back into bed with my wife, and then we awoke at 6:15a. I took her to work, took the dog out, showered, blow dried, makeup’d, and left the house early. All so I could go to Starbucks, and get my beloved Venti 3 Shot 6pump NonFat No Whip Pumpkin Spice Latte. I don’t even take a sip, I just put the little green mermaid in the top, and out I go. 

I open the door to my car, Starbucks in tact in my right, go to shut the door with my left, and viola! The Starbucks ends up upside down, on the floor of my car. All over my wideleg trousers. I bend over to pick it up, and the lid pops off, flooding my floor board. Truly fantastic! So I turned on the heater full blast to try and dry my pants, and floor before I arrived at work. The heater dried my pants, and floor but left it smelling like the day after Thanksgiving. The day where walk back in to your kitchen and it reaks of stale pumpkin pie. Oh the Joy!

I walk into work, and set my empty cup down, open my email, and the first thing I read is from my mom. It’s says ‘Hi Sweetie, Guess what? Today I went to Starbucks, and I branched out. I got your favorite, and I must say it’s my new favorite.” Seriously? Who does this happen to. So I was getting all tissy, when I finally realized that why in the world would I let one cup of coffee ruin 24hours that have the potential to be a good day? I realized it was because that one cup cost me $5.

Good Morning All.

Soak up the Sunshine today!


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  • 1. thesongallalong  |  September 24, 2008 at 7:27 pm

    Lame! I hate when crap like that happens, I am so clumsy so it happens pretty often. Had that latte before and it is nectar from the gods, i feel your pain.

  • 2. spoiledhousewife  |  September 24, 2008 at 11:03 pm

    Aww I’m sorry your day was off to such a bad start, I’m rather clumsy as well so I’m constantly spilling and knocking over stuff I’ve just kinda got over asking why me and just say oh well and shrug it off. Hopefully your day got at least a little better:) I’ve never had that flavor …maybe I’ll give it a try

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