October 2, 2008 rikkijean

I’ve been feeling awfuly sour lately. You know the sour that comes when you drink Orange Juice immediatly after you brush your teeth in the morning. So sour you just spit it out. That’s what I’ve been doing lately spitting things out.

1. Diet- I’m trying to do a positive thing in my life, turn somethings I hate about myself, upside down, you know trying to help myself. I’m struggling. It’s been almost a week, Since my last post, and I haven’t even weighed in today. I just don’t want to see the dissappointment on the scale. I think that’s part of my problem, letting myself down.

2. Sick- Tuesday I was ill, I had a day constant of dizzy spells, and faintness. Not good. I went  to the Dr, had a blood test and it looks as though, my blood sugar was low. I think the Dr. said it was right around 87. (90-120) is normal. So my sugar level wasn’t exremely low, and the Dr. wasn’t too worried, but I have a follow up appointment, so I’ll let you know.

3. So I’ve been a slacker, getting myself to class is like, taking candy from a baby. The part where the child kicks, and screams, and yells I hate you. We’ll thats me, only a 19 year old version. Pathetic I know. My step mom sent me  a card today. She asked me ” What is it you don’t like about going to school, your major, the teacher, the class.” My answer would be the fact that it seems to obsorb all of my free time, it leaves me feeling suffocated, by the constant, I should really be doing school work. It’s like an inside battle that takes all of my energy.

4. Work, has been busy, and I’ve been working as hard as I can on all of my school work. I have been really trying my hardest. I want to proove my worth, proove that I can do my job, AND help out where needed. Maybe next time I won’t be passed on for a promotion. We’ll see.

5. Myself. I’ve just been a bitchy betty lately. I’ve been chewing out my lovely wife for a whole bunch of NOTHING. Things that are truly trivial, not folding the towels this way, not loading the dishwasher my way, not using the biodegradable bags for Raph’s poop. Seriously! Why do I care, should I be thanking her for doing the laundry, loading the dishwasher, and taking out Raphael?, and not be such a cunt? I said it, I said the C word, but that’s how I’ve been acting. I really need to get back to a good place, and thank her for being wonderful, because she is.

So; now that I’ve ranted about how sour my life is right now, I will remember that kids in Ethiopia don’t have food, and are burying their family members. That soldiers in Iraq, are dying for me to sit on my couch, that people in China don’t have electricty, and that hundreds of children are sleeping on the street.

Sometimes, I just need to whine, and put my life back into perspective. So all in all here is today’s food chart. As bad as it may be, I am owing up.


1 cup of coffee, 3tsp Creme Brulee Creamer


1 fruit roll up. . . 5pts

1 100 calorie brownie. . . 2 pts


4 . . . Olive Garden Stuffed Mushrooms

1 cup Pasta Figole Soup

2 breadsticks

1/2 lasanga.

Diet Coke.

Total: 12197 2357 pts.

I really am a whiner.


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  • 1. thesongallalong  |  October 2, 2008 at 3:59 pm

    Being a “c u next tuesday” (Tess really wants me to quit saying that word, as well as the f bomb) is completely necessary once in a while. Things may seem hard right now but they will get easier. My mom used to tell me that when thing seem to be at their worst they can only get better. Apologize to your wonderful wife for your cuntery (i love the word to much i can’t help myself) and remind her how much you love and appreciate her. Take the weekend off from dieting, only do the things you absolutely have to do, and just try enjoying all the other parts of your life that you love right now. Get back on track Monday and give it another try. Everything will be great!
    ❤ Sam

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